Fancy Look with Top Best Men’s Vintage Sunglasses in 2019

Make yourself distinguishable with the fantastic concept of fashion with the mixture of vintage touch and modern look with the help of men’s vintage sunglasses.

“Fashion is more about feeling than science” William Pharrell said. It’s true that fashion depends much on your aesthetic eye, depends on the way you mix things together, regardless of the price or the design.

Currently, people have followed an astonishing trend mixing some vintage touches with the modern look of 21th century. To follow that trend, you can come up with some retro accessories like a pair of men’s vintage sunglasses.

For that choice, I would love to offer you with my collection of men’s vintage sunglasses to help you find the most suitable one more easily than ever.


1. Ray-Ban Shooter 3138 Aviator Sunglasses


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Let’s start with a pair of vintage aviator sunglasses offered by Ray-Ban. Talking about aviator sunglasses, no one can deny that Ray-Ban is one of the most trustworthy brand to get a top-quality offer, but at a feasible price.

This pair of vintage Ray-ban sunglasses comes with the outstanding design for the retro vibe with the unique touch of the metal ring at the nose bridge like the sun, which make me feel like this one is inspired by the culture of our ancestor long and long ago when they lived with gods. It still come with the typical design of the aviator sunglasses, but come with double bridges to make it different.

The whole frame is made of anti-corrosive metal to make sure that it can last for a lifetime in the original quality. Although the two temples look quite vulnerable with the thin body, they are completely tough and durable. The material features the great construction to prevent from being deform under a certain bending pressure.

Plus, to make it much pretty instead of metal monotonous, the brand adds the plastic cover at the tips and brow bar in the dark Havana colorway, which immediately become the spotlight of the pair.

Besides, the grey lenses can give you a great performance. The UV protection can definitely say no to the existence of UVA and UVB rays behind the shades, so your eyes will be kept in the safe zone all the time. Plus, the great width of 62mm certainly expand the protection scale to make sure that your eyes will be in protection from any angles.

Although there is no polarized filter, your eyes still enjoy the quite comfortable condition when enjoying the view in the sunny days. The gradient feature help reduce the intense level of the sunlight from the top and offer a clear view at the bottom so that you will find much relaxed when driving.

For this particular brand, if you have a great interest in this their products, I would be glad to offer you my devoted collection of Best Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men in 2019 to have more choices of different designs.


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In my collection of men’s vintage sunglasses, this pair of vintage Versace sunglasses is one of my favorite pick-up with the chic impression inspired by the retro appearance.

What I love is about the combination of gold-tone along with the brown, which is perfectly mixed with each other to make it stand out from the crowd. The brilliant design of the front frame with to core frame coming with the shiny gold-tone and the transparent dark brown coverage can definitely flatter your face with the fancy look.

The frame is made of high-end metal with the great ability of corrosion resistance to make sure that the original beauty is preserved as the time goes by. The material helps build up the strong and durable body to prevent deformation under the bending pressure. Plus, the whole frame is quite lightweight that won’t cause much pressure on your face, so you will much comfortable even for a long wear.

Besides, the two light brown lenses look much perfect with the vintage vibe of the frame. They come with the technology of UV protection to protect your eyes against any severe damage of the UVA and UVB rays so that you won’t feel any eye strain after walking under the sun. Plus, the width of 56mm can help the lenses completely cover your eyes from any angles and also perfectly stay on most of the normal face shape.

Furthermore, the pair is generally made with the high craftsmanship that is illustrated in the small Medusa studded details at the tips and the edge of the front frame.

3. SA106 Retro Art Nouveau Vintage Style Small Oval Metal Frame Sunglasses Yellow Gold

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This offer in my men’s vintage sunglasses will certainly meet your satisfaction with the chic look of royalty due to the great combination of the gold-tone metal on the dark brown body.

The two plastic temples come in the super tough and durable body to stand with the bending pressure and certain shock without being deformed easily. They work very well like hugging my face that can keep the whole pair stay firmly in place without slipping. They look so much fashionable and fancy with the touch of gold-tone metal frame.

Besides, the metal features the anti-corrosion ability that can help any stains or marks to help maintain the shiny finish for the lifetime. Plus, the whole pair is much lightweight that you can certainly wear it for a long time without the problem of fatigue.

The nose bridge is a little wider than the normal offers on the market, about 38mm, but the nose pads can definitely keep the pair stay on your nose firmly without slipping. However, you can make up a fashion look for the style by letting the pair slipping down a little bit on your nose to expose your eyes. You can use this style to add the fancy look for your photoshoot or something like that.

Moreover, the brown gradient lenses work perfectly to protect your eyes from the attack of the UVA and UVB rays due to the technology of UV protection. Although there is still some glare due to lack of polarized filter, the gradient characteristic still helps reduce the intense level of sunlight from the top for your clear view.

4. COASION Vintage Round John Lennon Sunglasses Steampunk Gold Metal Frame Clear Sun Glasses

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This pair of vintage round sunglasses offered my COASION is certainly a great gift for gentlemen to add a retro look, but much fashionable, to your overall impression.

The chic expression is immediately exposed by the shiny finished gold-tone metal frame with crazy details that can make a strong impression on you. I’m sure that you will certainly get much compliment on this pair when you put it on to hang out with your friends.

The frame is completely made of top-quality metal with great strength and durability to stand to maintain the original shape despite the certain shock or minor clash. The two temples are made with the outstanding shape which give you a feeling that their body is too strong to be broken. More than that, the brand also adds a string in the center of the temple to make it look much pretty and outstanding.

Besides, the tips are covered with plastic to offer a non-slip and gentle contact with your skin so that the pair can stay firmly on your head while you’re walking. The two temples come with the secure metal hinge to effectively prevent from getting loose for a long time use as well as not being broken.

Moreover, the composite lenses feature the outside coverage with anti-scratch characteristic to help them self-maintain the original quality in case you may drop it or there is minor clash against the lenses. Plus, they are also integrated with the technology of UV400 protection to definitely block any UV rays from hurting your eyes.

Although there is no polarized filter, the dark-tone lenses can partially reduce the intense level of sunlight to help you get a clear view and more comfortable. Plus, the product also come with a drawstring pouch for convenient storage in your backpack.

5. Ronsou Steampunk Style Round Vintage Polarized Sunglasses Retro Eyewear UV400 Protection Matel Frame

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Here is another choice for the men’s vintage sunglasses in the round shape as the offer above from COASION, but this one comes with some outstanding points for you to consider.

The frame is still made of high-end metal to help build up the tough and durable body to help maintain the original form despite the certain shock or bending pressure. Plus, the material can certainly resist the damage of corrosion so that the original quality and beauty can kept for a lifetime.

Besides, the front frame is much larger and thicker than the above one with some engraved pattern being made with high craftsmanship. Plus, the two temples feature the integrated spring connected to the hinges to help increase the durability as well as the strength. With this design, the hinges can solve the problem of getting loose and the temples can always stay straight all the time when you close or open the pair.

Moreover, the lenses are made of the composite material which is integrated with many layers of different functions. The lenses feature the anti-scratch coverage to help them self-prevent the scratches in case you may drop it. Plus, the UV protection can completely prevent the entry of UV rays to protect your eyes from the harmful impacts.

And, the layer of polarized filter really does a great job in eliminating glare to give your eyes the most comfortable condition to enjoy the natural color of the world around you. More than that, the pair also come with some accessories like protective cage, soft cloth bag and screwdriver for you to easily store and self-maintain at home.


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This pair of retro vintage sunglasses from Carrera will definitely add a sophisticated touch to your look. This pair, Champion, is also the signature design of the brand. I found this one like the oversized design of the aviator sunglasses, but it comes with the different level from the original form.

The frame is made of a special material, Optyl, which is more lightweight than the common used plastic so that you will feel like there is nothing on your head. The material also helps build up the great strength and durability for the frame like other high-end material, so the form is definitely preserved for a lifetime use.

Besides, this material also offers a super comfortable contact with your skin and I found that the two temples can firmly stick to your head without slipping while you’re walking. Plus, the moulded nose pads with the raised design help them perfectly stay on your nose with a snug fit.

Moreover, the grey lenses with the gradient feature look very fashionable to flatter your face. This pair of oversized vintage sunglasses has a great width of 62mm of lenses so that they can certainly cover your eyes from any angles. Thus, the integrated UV layer can certainly keep your eyes in the safe zone all the time against any UVA and UVB rays.

Despite the lack of polarized filter, the lenses still can offer you the quite comfortable condition to enjoy the view with less glare than common lenses. And, the whole pair is embellished with some patters with crazy detail like the a subtle “C” monogram on the front frame or the label’s signature stamped on each temple. I’m sure that you will be shock when looking at yourself in the mirror with this pair on your face.


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Here is another choice of vintage Carrera sunglasses to diversify your choice. The product comes with the teardrop frame design with the colorway of tortoiseshell along with the touch of gold-tone metal to blow a retro wind to your appearance.

The two temples are made of top-quality metal with the gold-tone finish that comes with the incredible strength and durability to stand with certain shock and bending pressure with no deformation. The material can also resist the corrosion and stains to help preserve the beauty of the gold-tone finish for a lifetime use.

Besides, the temples are cover partially with acetate for double strength and durability, but also for the fashion look. The acetate at the tips offers the comfortable contact with your skin to cause no marks when you wear for a long time. Although the pair look quite large in size, it’s completely lightweight for no fatigue problem to long wear.

Moreover, gradient grey lenses perfectly match with the whole vibe of the frame to completely flatter you face with a retro touch. The gradient feature as the above one help reduce the intense level for comfortable sense to your eyes although there is no polarized filter. Plus, the UV protective works incredibly to protect your eyes against any entry of UVA and UVB rays from any angles.

For those two pick-ups of Carrera, if you have interest in and would like to have more choices, you can come to my particular collection of Trendy Carrera Sunglasses for Men in 2019.

8. Oversized Aviator Sunglasses Vintage Retro Gold Metal Frame Colorful Lenses 62mm

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Let’s come to another choice in my collection of men’s vintage sunglasses for the design of aviator sunglasses so that you will have more options along with the offer above from Ray-Ban.

This common pair offered by Freckles Mark also come with the great quality performance with the strong and durable metal frame that can last for a long time use without deformation. Plus, the frame also features the anti-corrosion ability to prevent the existence of stains to maintain the shiny beauty of gold-tone cover.

The two temples can comfortably stay firmly like hugging your face so that the whole pair won’t slip while you’re walking. And, the product is quite lightweight to offer you a great sense of comfort for a long wear. The two silicone nose pads can keep the pair stay up straight without slipping down on your nose and also reduce much pressure on your nose.

Besides, the large brown gradient lenses with the width of 62mm can meet your all satisfaction perfectly. The technology of UV protection is optimized significantly thank to the great width so that your eyes will be definitely protected from UVA and UVB rays from any angles.

Although the lenses don’t feature the polarized filter to eliminate glare completely, they’re still able to reduce partially the intense level due to the dark-tone color. Plus, the gradient characteristic helps you much in driving because it can reduce the glare from the and offer a clear view from the bottom.

Moreover, the overall look of this one is very good from the fashion view with the combination of the gold-tone frame along with the gradient brown lenses, which are perfect for the summer vibe on the beach. Plus, the pair also comes with the spotlight of the metal studs on the lenses to make it more fashionable.

9. PERSOL 714SM – Steve McQueen

[mn_amz asin=”–96-S3″ price=””]

I would like to offer you this pair of vintage Persol sunglasses Steve McQueen, which is one of the signature products of this brand to definitely add the chic look in a retro vibe for your overall impression.

The pair, I’m sure that, will certainly knock you out with the fashionably perfect combination of the light Havana frame with the blue gradient polar lenses. Thus, it will be certainly the center of your look to flatter you face along with the center of the compliment from your friends.

The whole frame is made of high-end acetate for the tough and durable construction to last for a lifetime without any deformation. Plus, the material also makes this pair much lightweight for the comfortable sense even in the long wear. The two temples come with the unique system of this brand to help it much more flexibility to bend for the snug fit for most of the normal face shapes without causing any pressure.

Besides, the blue gradient polar lenses too seamless to get any complaints. They come with the combination of different layers with particular functions to together build up the awesome results for your eyes. The lenses can kept your eyes in the safe zone all the time away from any harmful UVA and UVB rays thanks to the UV protection layer. P

Moreover, your view behind this shade will be the natural color of the world surrounding you even there is glare happening. This is supported by the integrated polarized filter to eliminate any glare to the maintenance of the color integrity. And, the outside coverage is the anti-scratch layer for them to self-protect from minor clash or certain shock.

This pair is also my favorite one of men’s vintage sunglasses for the superb-quality performance along with the chic look from the colorway. More than that, the product also features the folding ability to help it narrow down the dimension for the easy storage and transportation. There is an included leather protective cage for you to maintain the shape of the pair.

For this reputable brand, I also have a dedicated collection of Top Persol Sunglasses for Men in 2019, where you will more choices of different designs of sunglasses for other occasions, so you can take a look if have time.

10. Carfia Vintage Polarized Sunglasses for Men, 100% UV400 Protection Acetate Frame

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Here is my last recommendation for a pair of vintage style sunglasses for the complete overview about this product. This one comes with the lovely colorway of tortoise which can add a retro touch to your appearance.

The frame is made of top-quality acetate which can certainly build up a super tough and durable construction for the frame so that it can definitely stand with certain shock and bending pressure without deformation. Plus, the two temples come with the three-barrel hinge to provide the extra durability to make sure they won’t get loose or split from the front frame.

Besides, the temples feature the great flexibility that can help you adjust or bend them in a certain range to fit most of the normal face shapes. And, the material also helps reduce the total weight of the pair, so you will feel most comfortable while wearing it for a long time.

Moreover, the two round lenses with a dark grey color absolutely do a great job. The technology of UV400 protection can certainly block out all UVA, UVB, UVC and even any harmful blue light up to 400nm to make sure that your eyes will be always kept in the safe zone. In addition, the integrated polarized filter can preserve the original color of the world around you. Thus, you will have a clear view without glare to enjoy the natural look of everything around you.

Generally, coming in the dark-tone of the tortoise colorway and the grey color along with some touch of shine metal studs on the front frame and tips, the whole pair look quite good in terms of fashion to flatter your face. And, for this fraction of the price, the product is really bang for your buck.

For those ten recommendations for men’s vintage sunglasses above, I think that you will have a concept for this type of sunglasses to know which one is a good deal with some particular points to consider. I would be grateful if you can keep supporting my site with that goodwill.

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