Best Aviator Sunglasses for Men In 2019

Perfect look as gentlemen with a pair of truly aviator sunglasses for men as Tom Cruise, handsome and elegant. Come and check my collection!

Talking about sunglasses, everyone will certainly come up with the classical design mainly for gentlemen in the 70s and 80s, which is the design of aviator sunglasses. With the elegant and attractive design, this one has been well-received in the fashion world so far and innovated by many reputable brands.

And now, for this typical type of sunglasses, there are thousands and thousands offers existing on the market along with junks that you cannot know. Therefore, to have a good deal for your budget, you have to look it up very carefully for the brands, the quality and many more.

Fortunately, I’m here to offer you with an optimal solution that you just need to go through my collection of aviator sunglasses for men below ranging from fast fashion with great quality up to grail fashion class where you can find some signature designer sunglasses.


1. J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Polarized, 100% UV protection


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Let’s start with this first offer of my collection of aviator sunglasses for men. This one is considered and recommended widely by customers for its awesome performance, but available in a freaking reasonable price.

From the view of protection, this pair can definitely cover all the requirement for the safety when you’re wearing it in the sunny day. The lens has the polarized characteristic over 99.96% (just say “totally”) horizontal sunlight so that your eyes won’t suffer the strain and discomfort from glare. Thus, these lens can definitely increase the quality of the view.

Besides, with the guarantee of UV 400 protection, your eyes will be completely safe from UVA and UVB, so you will feel worry-free when walking out. By the way, this one is also my favorite pick and I want to clarify one thing about the polarized layers. This feature is integrated into the lens, not coated, so you don’t need to worry about wiping it out when washing the pair.

How about the fashion view? I have to say that this pair of polarized aviator sunglasses can lovely fit with most of face shapes and perfectly flatter your face of both men and women. There are two sizes of lens including 62mm and 58mm to fit most of normal face shapes. I have bought one with the small size for my friend and it look perfectly on his face. By the way, he is about 6’ and 180lbs.

Moreover, the product comes with the metallic alloy frame which is lightweight, but durable and strong absolutely. The spring loaded hinge helps increase the flexibility when you fold the temples. Plus, two non-slip silicon pads help keep the pair of sunglasses stay firmly in place even when you are running. The lightweight point will definitely make you feel comfortable to wear it all day without any pressure on your nose and make your head feel heavy.

Finally, there are more options of the colors of the lens to certainly give you different senses of view. The dark lens, for example, are excellent for sunny days to reduce glare while brown lens can even enhance the contrast and make things brighter. It depends on where you’re going like dark lens for harsh conditions or sports and brown ones for cloudy and hazy weather of urban life.

2. GREY JACK Polarized Classic Aviator Sunglasses Lightweight Style for Men Women

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Here is another choice of the aviator sunglasses for men to compare with the above one. This offer from Grey Jack won’t certainly let you down due to its satisfying performance and being friendly to your wallet.

Certainly, to perfectly fit most of the normal face shapes, the product is available in two sizes including 58mm and 62mm. That indicator concerns about the lens’ width. Therefore, don’t worry about your small or big face, this pair of sunglasses will lovely fit you.

Besides, the lens is guaranteed to serve you the best with the UV protection characteristic. They can definitely say no to the entry of UVA and UVB so that your eyes will be totally safe when you’re walking in the sunny days.

Plus, there will be no more discomfort when you have to adjust your eyes intensely to see things clearly due to glare. This happen because the lenses are integrated with high-definition polarization to maintain the color integrity for the natural and clear vision.

Moreover, the reason why I offer you this product because of its elegant and beautiful design. The dark shades look outstanding with the metal antioxidant frame featuring the golden layer and shiny finished. Thus, the product will absolutely flatter your face and you will look much attractive.

And, the frame is quite durable and strong to avoid being deformation easily. The silicon nose pads will reduce pressure on your nose and also helps keep the sunglasses stay firmly in place when you’re walking. You will also receive 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to make you feel much safe with you purchase.

With the package, you will have a tough case containing the product along with some accessories. There will be smaller leather case to keep the sunglasses safely in your pack-back to prevent any shock.

3. SOJOS Classic Aviator Polarized Sunglasses Mirrored UV400 Lens SJ1054

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And now, we well come to a new taste of aviator sunglasses. This offer from SOJOS is very well-received by so many customers and I have to say that the quality is absolutely perfect with the given reasonable price.

Like the two products above, this pair still comes with two dynamic features of standard aviator sunglasses for men, which are polarized and UV protection. The UV 400 protection can make a promise that your eyes will suffer no harms from the sunlight when you’re walking outdoor.

Besides, to make sure that the quality of the vision is enhance significantly without any glare, the brand also adds the polarized feature to the lenses to help you enjoy the beautiful scene in a perfect way.

More than that, the outstanding point of this offer is the reflective layer of the lenses, mirrored lenses. This layer will obviously make you look cooler, especially when you wear it at the beach for the summer vibe party. I’m sure that ladies will turn their eyes on your way. Plus, this mirrored lenses also help prevent the light passing through to give the great sense of comfort for your eyes.

Notice that this pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses is only available in 1 size with the lens’ width of 60mm, which can fit mostly normal face shapes. The metal frame looks so tough, durable and it can resist the stain very well. Thus, the pair of sunglasses can preserve the original beauty for a long time.

Coming with the product, there is a protective bag to prevent any shock that can cause scratches on the lenses as well as you will receive a guarantee for the money back within 30 days from your purchasing date. Therefore, you will be safe when enjoy the shade.

By the way, for this type of sunglasses, you can have more choice of mirrored lenses for other shapes or kinds of sunglasses. So, check here for more options!!!

4. LUENX Men Aviator Sunglasses Polarized – UV 400 Protection with case 60MM Classic Style

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The LUENX has launched a great pair of aviator sunglasses for men that you can consider for your collection or think of a great gift for your men. The product come with high-quality for the awesome performance, but available at a lovely price.

The product is available in many choices of lens’ colors so that you can diversify to pick up the most suitable one for yourself. For daily use for driving and walking around, you can choose some of neutral or dark colors like black, grey or silver, but for summer vibe vacation, bright colors is highly recommended to match with the energetic and hot atmosphere such as blue, green or brown.

Besides, you pay for sunglasses because you would love to buy the safety for your eyes. So, this one is a good place. The lenses can meet the standard requirement of UV400 protection to make sure that the health of your eyes is safe from any harms of the sunlight. Plus, for a better and natural vision, the lenses are also integrated with polarized layer to filter the horizontal sunlight to reduce clear optimally. Therefore, you will definitely feel comfortable to enjoy the view.

Moreover, the product only comes with one size of 60mm for the lens’s width, but this size can certainly fit most of the normal face shapes from small to big. Plus, the frame is made of antioxidant metal with a tough and durable construction to help prevent the deformation caused by shock. And, you also don’t need to worry about that because the pair is protected safely inside tough case which is convenient to bring out with you.

Lastly, I just want to express that you should not miss this great chance to award yourself with this offer for the fancy look and top-quality performance.

5. Ray-Ban Aviator RB 3025 019/W3 58mm Matte Silver Polarized Silver Mirror L642c

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Talking about aviator sunglasses for men, there will be no gentlemen that don’t know about this brand, Ray-ban, which is extremely famous for this product line, aviator sunglasses.

This offer is available in the medium size with the lens’s width of 58mm, which is supposed to fit with small face. The lenses can serve you without any doubts for the greatest performance. They come with the mirrored layer outside for the reduction of light, about 60% for the maximum to make your eyes comfortable and also flatter you face with the cool look.

Besides, the built-in polarized feature help these lenses can filter the horizontal lights to optimally eliminate glare to maintain the color integrity for the clear and natural view. Thus, you can enjoy the true beauty of the scene, especially when going on vacation because you don’t want to miss any magnificence of the nature.

Coming with those points, the lenses also promise to protect your eyes safety from the harm of UV radiation. They can definitely prevent UVA and UVB from passing and directly or indirectly hurt your eyes. Therefore, you will feel confident to wear it in the sunny weather.

Moreover, the stainless metal frame is very tough and durable that can stand with certain shock without suffering any deformation. Plus, the silicone nose pads help keep the product stay in place without slipping down to your nose and the whole product is lightweight so that you can wear it for a long time without any fatigue.

This one is just an illustrative example for ray ban sunglasses for men. Well, if you love to see more options for the aviator or even other types, you can check my collection of Best Ray-ban Sunglasses for Men in 2019.

6. WPF Retro Polarized Sunglasses Aviator Sun Glasses for Men

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For you, gentlemen, I’m sure that if you have an eye for fashion, you won’t miss this offer for the classic touch to your overall look. The classic trend has come back in this years with some accessories like suspenders or belts to build up your appearance as the gentlemen in 70s and 80s.

This offer form WPF has a perfect design for the retro outlook with the combination of the gold frame along with deep green lenses. The frame is made of antioxidant metal to prevent any fading spot or stain so that the gold layer can preserve the original quality. Plus, the structure is very tough and durable to deal with certain shock and it is quite lightweight as a whole.

Besides, the deep green lenses feature the UV400 protection to help you feel secure when wearing this one in the sunny days because there will be no UVA and UVB passing the lenses and hurting your eyes. So, they will be totally safe. It’s still not enough for this classic pair of sunglasses in terms of protection, the built-in polarized filter of the lenses can enhance the quality of the view with natural color and reduce glare definitely.

Moreover, this one, from my own perspective, will better fit with those having small face because the lens’s width is about 55mm. Although this one features the straight temple unlike ordinary aviator sunglasses with curved temple at the earpiece, the classical pair still stay firmly on your face without dropping out.

7. Tom Ford FT0439 Ronnie Square Aviator Sunglasses Men

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So, let’s come to another pair of designer sunglasses to make a great value for your money. This offer of square aviator sunglasses will definitely be a great choice for both men and women with the elegant and fancy design for a chic look.

The product comes with a quite large square lens with the width of 60mm so that it can certainly fit most of the normal faces, even the big ones. Plus, this lens is different from all offers above with the gradient feature. For me, this point adds a sophisticated touch to the product to make it outstanding and fashionable with the faded layer on the lenses.

Besides, the gradient design can help you feel very much comfortable to wear it when driving because the tinted top can shield again the sunlight while the bottom is clear for you to see the dashboard. Plus, safety is also included in the lenses with the UV protection characteristic to prevent the entry of UVA and UVB to protect your eyes ultimately.

At first, I thought this one is not very good at maintaining the color integrity, but I realized I was wrong because I still felt the true color of my view although there is still a little glare due to the lack of polarized filter. Generally, this one still perform well in terms of that.

Although the overall shape of the sunglasses is quite large, it’s still lightweight to wear for a long time without much pressure and fatigue on your nose. Lastly, the product comes with the beautiful and profession package with the chic and luxury protective case included to make sure that your treasure won’t suffer any scratches. This one will be a great choice for yourself or even a dedicated gift for your love.

For the lovers of Tom Ford, if you would love to see more fancy choices, you can check my collection of Top Tom Ford Sunglasses for Men in 2019.

8. Celine Mirror CL 41391 J5G MV Gold Metal Aviator Sunglasses

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Here is another choice for the aviator sunglasses for men from a chic brand, which in Celine. The fancy look of this pair of Celine aviator sunglasses will definitely flatter not only your face but also your whole outfits, which can turn everyone’s eyes at your way.

This product features the composite lenses which look like the gradient ones with little fading layer on the lenses to make it outstanding and fashionable. Although the lenses don’t have the polarized characteristic, this type is still able to reduce glare for the natural color and comfortable vision.

Besides, the lenses can protect your eyes from UVA and UVB from the sunlight due to the UV protection built-in the lenses so that you will feel safe when walking outside in sunny days. Plus, the lens has a width of 60mm that can perfectly fit with most of the normal faces.

Moreover, the antioxidant metal frame is very strong and tough so that it won’t be bent easily with a minor shock. Plus, the total weight is quite light although its shape is large, so you will feel comfortable to wear it all the time. The silicone nose pads keep the whole sunglasses stay firmly in place without slipping down to your nose.

For this brand, I also have a particular collection of Fancy Celine Sunglasses for Men in 2019 that you can check for more choices.

9. Carrera Men’s New Safaris Aviator Sunglasses


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Let’s see another classic model of aviator sunglasses for men offered by Carrera, which is the reputable brand in this field due to the perfect performance along with chic appearance.

This pair of Carrera aviator sunglasses definitely stand out of the crown due to the distinct concept and design that you can immediately know that this one from Carrera. The product comes in the all-black appearance with the black plastic frame, which is super tough and durable that can stand with the shock as the common metal ones.

Besides, the lenses are not separated as original ones so that it can make sure that no matter where you are looking at your eyes are always protected. The lenses are quite large with the width of 62mm so that most of the normal faces can be fitted perfectly. Plus, your eyes will be totally safe under this pair of sunglasses due to the UV protection feature which can prevent the UVA and UVB from passing through.

Moreover, because of the different design, the product does not have the silicone nose pads, but features a special design that can cover perfectly and securely the nose. That’s also what I love about this product because the nose pads may be discoloration and you have to replace it after wearing for a long time.

However, the lenses are non-polarized so that you still suffer the glare, but not very much because the dark color still reduce the intense level of sunlight.


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You want something flattering your face with the elegant and chic look, don’t you? Try this pair of Carrera aviator sunglasses in the best men’s collection of this brand. The product look definitely luxury with the gold-tone frame along with the gradient brown lenses so that your overall appearance will be absolutely enhance to another level.

The frame is completely made of antioxidant metal to make sure that the quality is preserved for a lifetime so that the gold-tone layer outside can be kept in the luxury condition. Plus, the frame looks very tough and durable to deal with certain shock without being bent. And, you don’t need to worry about any problems of dropping the lenses because they are tightly riveted into the temples and nose bridge.

Besides, the point that make this one so beautiful is that the design is very detailed from hand-painted white and red flag stripe along the top to the “C” monogram in the front center of double bridges and the logo of Carrera on both temples. They are completely made with high craftsmanship, which certainly make a great value for this pair.

Moreover, along with the high-quality frame, the gradient brown lenses are very catching and totally protect your eyes. The tinted lenses can definitely restrain the sunlight, especially UVA and UVB radiation, from passing through and hurting your eyes. Therefore, you will confidently walk outside in sunny days.

Although these lenses are not polarized, the gradient feature somehow can reduce the sunlight from the top to help you easily drive and read the control board with the clear bottom.

Unfortunately, this product is only available in one size of 58mm in width for the lenses so that it will be highly recommended for small face.

By the way, not only for this type of aviator, but the brand also offers many more options of different designs of sunglasses that you can check it in my collection of Trendy Carrera Sunglasses for Men in 2019.

11. Coach Tag Temple Pilot Sunglasses

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You can enjoy the classic and elegant look with the offer of Coach aviator sunglasses. The product comes with the simple design, but certainly is very fashionable on your face. There are two options available for the brown and grey horn colors.

From my own experience, the brown is quite suitable for the hot atmosphere of summer time or spring while the grey horn with the cold tone is more suitable for cloudy days in autumn or cold weather of winter.

For this product, the brand uses the state-of-the-art material like premium cellulose acetate for the brown choice and ultra-lightweight titanium for the grey horn when making the frame of sunglasses to make sure that it will come with the super tough and durable body. Plus, the frame perfectly fit with your face, especially the small ones because the lens’ width is about 58-60 mm.

Besides, the lenses come with two awesome characteristics of UV protection and polarized structure. They can certainly protect your eyes from any damages of the UVA and UVB radiation so that you don’t need to worry when walking in sunny weather. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the comfortable vision and the natural color of the scene because the polarized structure can filter and reduce the glare optimally.

Moreover, to reduce the possibility of suffering scratches from certain crash, the lenses are also covered with scratch-resistance layer, so the quality of the lenses can be preserve for a long time. Plus, the protective cage included to make sure the product can stay away from shock in case you put in your bag along with some stuff.

For these designer sunglasses, I would love to introduce you my collection of Must-have Coach sunglasses in 2019, where you can find more options for yourself and also for partner.

12. Gucci Specialized Fit Aviator Acetate Sunglasses

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You can perfectly match this fashionable pair of Gucci aviator sunglasses for the summer vibe or even for other cloudy days of autumns and winter. This product looks quite simple with not many patterns like other offers, but it’s simplicity that makes up the fashion.

The lenses are quite large about 60mm or more so that it will look perfect on big face as well. The grey lenses can itself reduce the intensity of sunlight to help your eyes not to adjust very much although there is still glare happening. Plus, the integrated UV protection can prevent any entry of UVA and UVB so that your eyes will completely protected.

Besides, the acetate frame is very lightweight, but so tough and durable to deal with certain shock without being bent or broken. The acetate body does not come with the silicone nose pads as other offer, but it has a raised nose bridge to enhance the comfort on your nose. That design also perfectly fit your nose and stick to it without moving.

Moreover, the temples feature the engraved logo “GUCCI” with three iconic stripes to add a touch to the pair. Plus, the product also comes with a protective cage to protect yours from any outside impacts. By the way, you can diversify your choices with my particular collection of Best Gucci Sunglasses for Men in 2019.

13. Maui Jim Sunglasses | Sugar Beach H421 | Rimless Frame, Polarized Lenses, with Patented PolarizedPlus2 Lens Technology

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And now, I would like to offer you with an innovation of the aviator sunglasses for men with different design from the original or classic ones. This product comes from Maui Jim, which is a big name in the field of sunglasses with the greatest technology for lens ever.

This pair of Maui jim aviator sunglasses comes with the rimless design which make it look much more simple and lightweight than the common ones. However, without rim, the pair is still in the super tough and durable structure to stand with the certain shock. Plus, the two temples are very strong, but flexible to be extended to fit with most of normal faces.

Besides, the “face hugging” characteristic of the temples make them stay firmly on your face even while you are running. But, the temples are still comfortable and gentle on your skin that won’t cause any marks or pressure on your head. This can happen because the frame is completely made of high-grade nylon to reduce the weight as much as possible.

Talking about our main character, lenses, they are integrated with the ultimate technology to protect our eyes from UVA, UVB and also blue light from the sun so that you can confidently enjoy your sunny days and summer times lying on the beach. Plus, they are also covered with scratch-resistance and shatter-resistance layers to make sure that the lenses are totally safe when being worn and stored.

Moreover, your eyes will operate at the most comfortable level because they don’t need to adjust intensely to deal with glare due to the polarized structure. And, the lenses also enhance the true and natural beauty of the world around you, so you will definitely won’t miss any magnificence while wearing.

For those awesome points and great technology, I think that the price of 3 digits is still worth a pair of aviator sunglasses for men like this one. More than that, you’re still able to find more bang-for-your-buck deals from this brand in my particular set of Best Maui Jim sunglasses in 2019.

14. Prada Men’s Collection Aviator Sunglasses

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Here is another choice for the innovation of material like the offer from Maui Jim for you to consider. This pair of Prada aviator sunglasses won’t come with the original shapes of frame like others above with metal frame.

This one comes with the nylon frame with large temples to make it look more fancy and fashionable rather than classic as origin. However, this design makes the product more lightweight, but still strong and durable to preserve the form for a long time use. The temples look very detailed with the printed red line along with outstanding white brand name of Prada, which become a spotlight of the sunglasses.

Besides, the inner side of the temple tips are covered with rubber pieces to keep the temple stay firmly in place on your head so that the pair won’t slip or drop while you’re walking or even running. Plus, those pieces also offer the comfortable contact with your skin so that you will feel relaxed to wear it for a long time.

Moreover, the gradient black lenses look much trendy and perfectly match with the tone of frame. They feature the UV protection to 100% protect your eyes from any damages from the sun. Plus, the polarized filter helps treat your eyes very well with glare-free condition and you will enjoy the natural and true beauty of view.

For this product, it is available in one size with the lens’ width of 66mm so that even large face is still perfectly fit. And, if you love Prada and would like to see more choices of many different types, you can come to my collection of Elegant Prada Sunglasses for Men in 2019.


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This is my last recommendation for the aviator sunglasses for men and it’s one of the fanciest offers I really love. Talking about this brand, no one can deny about the performance as well as the astonishing design that can significantly flatter your face when being worn.

From my own view, this one knock me out at first with the mixture of three colors along with gradient feature of the lenses. I love the change of colors from top down when I look in different angles, which is so magnificent for that design. And, I have to say that it’s the reason why Louis Vuitton has its own position in the fashion world.

Besides, this pair of Louis Vuitton aviator sunglasses come with the UV protection integrated in lenses to make sure that the product is not merely for fashion, but still functional. You will be definitely confident in your way in the sunny days. Plus, there is still a scratches-resistance layer outside the lenses to help protect and preserve the original quality.

Moreover, the sophisticated touch of the gold-tone metal frame can significantly make a great value for this product. They are very tough and durable and even anti-oxidant to make sure that it’s still stay in the great condition as origin. Plus, you cannot miss the iconic monogram ebene canvas wrapped around the temples and top bar, which I think will be a brilliant idea. Without that the pure gold-tone frame won’t be much outstanding.

Lastly, the super detailed LV engraved on end pieces and screws are made with high-craftsmanship, which make you feel very real for that patterns. I think that everything will deserve what they’re supposed to have and this one will worth your money for those terrific points.

If you have a passion for grail fashion sunglasses as this one, you can check more choices in my work of Extravagant Louis Vuitton Sunglasses for Men in 2019

Coming through my huge collection of aviator sunglasses for men from the original designs in the mid-tier class up to high-end and grail fashion. I hope that you can certainly find the most suitable for your budget. If you find my site informative and being a great assistant for you in the fashion road, I wish you could keep supporting me.

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